Another Night Out, Another Dancefloor

Seems like just a few weeks ago I was posting about his 2006 release, Love Mysterious. Now, Kaskade has returned to the floor with the release of Strobelite Seduction. On his fifth solo effort, Chicago-based Ryan Raddon makes all the right moves in transforming and evolving the personality of his sound. Utilizing some ethereal textures, glittering synths, and angelic vocal performances, Kaskade’s latest release may just be his finest yet.

One of the finest moments of the album, opening track “Move For Me,” was constructed entirely via AIM with fellow electro artist, Deadmau5, though you’d never guess it. The song is a lush, entrancing experience that captures the entire feel of the album in a span of four minutes. Beyond, there are countless stand-outs from the tracklisting. It’s actually difficult for me to specify certain songs from this album–which is a crushing blow to mediocre albums, and a sweeping victory for high achievers. This one belongs in the latter category.

It’s also well worth noting that the vocal delivery on album tracks such as “Back On You,” “Step One Two,” and “Pose” is simply top notch. Each song’s performer deserves accolades in their own right for their impressive, dance-ready tone.

Perhaps more so than previous releases, Strobelite Seduction performs as a cohesive and comprehensive collection of lighter house and electro samples. Some have even been toying with the idea of Kaskade’s rise to impressive heights among the house scene. Some reviewers have been throwing around names such as Armand Van Helden and Junior Vasquez in comparison. Rightfully so. Check out Kaskade’s MySpace here, and order his new album here.

DL: Kaskade – Move For Me

GaGa’s Debut

GaGa’s Debut

I’ve been waiting for this for weeks!

Introducing…Sonny J

Introducing…Sonny J

Finally, some real pop innovation!

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