GaGa’s Debut

I’ve been waiting for this for weeks! Ever since I heard that my newfound obsession, Lady GaGa was closing the NewNowNext Awards, I knew that I’d have to feature the performance.

After a brief introduction from the ever awkward, yet somehow entracing Michelle Williams (of the Destiny’s Child variety), a chain-and-leather bound GaGa took to the stage. Now, there were plenty of minor details that I wish had worked differently: a larger stage, louder music, and a rowdier crowd, but GaGa truly shined throughout. Dancing herself something fierce, along with fifteen or so handy extras crowding up the already tiny stage, Lady Gaga gave justice to her hands-in-the-air hit, “Just Dance.” The outfit was pure glam, including some majorly futuristic Kylie shades, giant pointy shoulders, and some ocular business with an ice wand. Put it together with a bend-and-stretch intro and an absolutely brilliant outro, and you’ll figure this out rather quickly: GaGa’s got it. I love the fact that she refused to break out of performance face at the show’s close–just frozen in vogue as the glitter descends upon the screaming masses. She’s a show-woman, plain and simple. Click here to watch immediately!

Interview With…Kuryakin!

Interview With…Kuryakin!

It’s becoming a long, hot summer, as a certain gaggle of women fancying

Another Night Out, Another Dancefloor

Another Night Out, Another Dancefloor

Seems like just a few weeks ago I was posting about his 2006 release, Love

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