Daily B: Beyond the Blackout

As far as the future of Blackout is concerned, no one can be quite certain of what lies ahead. There are a few conflicting reports kicking around cyberspace at the moment, both equally plausible and somewhat reliable. First off, AccessHollywood is reporting some direct quotage from Larry Rudolph, apparently explaining that “Radar” is indeed the next single, with a video being shot next week in London.

“The theme is her and her girlfriends are going to be looking all around London trying to find a boy who she met in a club,” Rudolph told the New York Post’s PopWrap. “Every time they think they have him, it’s someone else.”

Spears will also head behind the camera for the clip, co-directing the video, Rudolph confirmed.

“She will be behind the camera as much as possible; she wants to make sure it’s exactly right,” he said.

Exciting, of course. But just as that report surfaced, Mr. PopJustice had this to say on his forums:

“Sony say that there will be no video for Radar and that Radar isn’t actually being released as a single. Apparently that’s it for Blackout now and Britney’s in the studio working on new stuff.”

So that’s that. My opinion? I think the Larry quote was fudged…I don’t think it’s the real story. I’ve seen her recording lately, I know the label is pleased–I think the new era is now beginning.

So what has been confirmed? The brief cameo for the new Pussycat Doll‘s video for their comeback single “When I Grow Up,” due to be released sometime next week. It’s going to be a small little nothing appearance–just her riding along in a car and waving to the girls. Small steps, I suppose.

Most exciting of all though is this little news flash: Guy Sigsworth is returning to the producer’s table for the upcoming album! Sweet, wonderful glee! Check out the bit in this article regarding the solo career of Korn frontman, Jonathan Davis:

When Sigsworth comes to L.A. to brainstorm with Davis this month, he’ll also spend time in the studio with Spears. He’s produced three songs for her, including the 2004 hit “Everytime.”

“It’s weird to think I’m doing him and Britney at the same time,” he says. “I don’t know if I’ll try to persuade them to do a duet together. That might be pushing it too far.”

Sigsworth & Spears is a whole lot of love. Lots and lots of good news. I can hardly wait…Bring it!

Another One

Another One

Thanks to PopJustice, you can hear the full Freemasons remix of “The



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