I don’t like it when my favorite artists buckle down and decide to release new material without letting me in on it first! But that’s exactly what has occurred. As I was browsing the racks of indies at the local Starbucks, I happened upon one of those metallic iTunes album redemption cards for Bitter:Sweet‘s new album Drama. Wha–?! Since when were they releasing new material? Last I’d heard, they were still kicking around the same material, remixed and rehashed. But lo and behold, the nu-jazz electro duo is back with another heap of horn and synth infused trip-hop magic for the masses.

If you’re not recognizing the name, you’d know the sound. They’ve been featured in nearly every alcohol or fashion related commercial possible in the past year or so, as well as countless soundtracks. The album dropped on June 3, so I’m four days late. Needless to say I’m running out to find it right now…I suggest you do the same! Check it out here at iTunes. I’ll get back to you with the full report soon enough!

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