Illuminati Instagram High Priestess-turned-Earthy Folk Songstress Rihanna isn’t just trying our last got damn nerve with the never-ending wait for her upcoming album (code name R8): She’s also done voice work for a DreamWorks animated movie called Home out in March…and she’s recorded a conceptual soundtrack for the film.

Today, BBC Radio 1 ‘pulled a Bowie/Beyoncé/D’Angelo/Drake’ and dropped the first song from the upcoming film’s soundtrack out of nowhere. It’s called “Towards The Sun.” And, of course, she saved the good shit for the soundtrack rather than her own album.

Sorry, no Paul McCartney guitars or Auto-Tuned Kanye West to be found here, folks: “Towards The Sun” is a massive empowerment anthem, filled with marching drums (a little bit “Run This Town”?), tribal sounds and soaring vocals that all come together to essentially create the companion piece to her Coldplay collabo, “Princess Of China.” (It’s also clearly a subtle REFERENCE to Music Of The Sun.)

There are some really gorgeous moments throughout, especially that pre-chorus: “And you know, I’ve been burned, I’ve been burned, I’ve been burned…

Rih’s evidently bringing her vocals to the forefront and skipping on the A$$-clapping beats for something more serious-face this era…for now, at least.

“Turn your face towards the sun, let the shadows fall behind you…”

[Stream via Complex]