‘Not In Love’: M.O Are Still the Best Girl Group We’re Sleeping On

The UK trio keeps serving up perfectly good pop, and it’s about time they get their shine in 2017.

Enough about Canoodle Cabello leaving Fifth Harmony to live out her wildest, Scherziest solo flights of fancy: it’s time to give a shout-out to a girl group that should be earning that headline real estate instead.

UK trio M.O are interesting for a variety of reasons, including the fact that all three members were already in girl groups before: two (Annie Ashcroft and Nadine Samuels) hail from Dutchess, and one (Frankee Connolly) is one-half of the almighty Xenomania duo-that-should-have-dominated the universe, Mini Viva.

They’re also super talented, super cute and, most importantly, the trio very much looks, sounds and acts the part of a proper girl group. (And yes, they know how to harmonize.)

I first wrote about M.O four years ago (!), back when Girls Aloud called it quits (don’t want to talk about it, still) and MKS kicked off their short-lived, criminally overlooked rebirth.

At that time, M.O was dropping buzz tracks like “Ain’t Got Time” and “Wait Your Turn.”

They’ve since gone on to make somewhat of a dent in the UK charts, climbing gradually with each release (#JusticeForPreach) until finally cracking the Top 20 last year with their great single, “Who Do You Think Of?”

And, to quote a certain Legend(tina), they just keep getting better.

“Not In Love,” their latest release as of December, is a breezy cut that deserves attention: from the newly released video’s sleek ’90s styling (they’re very TLC in 2017) to the on-trend-but-not-annoyingly-so tropical vibes to the fact that the song actually has a chorus, as opposed to a beat drop — a catchy one, at that. And what’s better than a totally feel good, so over you kiss-off?

The best part for me, though, is the delivery of that line in the second verse: “So I hope you had a lovely night with your video games and your excuses.” @ my antisocial ass next time, M.O!

While girl groups continue to dominate the scene over in the East (BLACKPINK forever), we’re in desperate need of some Troupes To Believe In over on the West — beyond the lovely ladies of Little Mix. (One UK girl group is never enough, after all: even during the Aloud’s almighty reign, the Sugababes were making music that was every bit as essential.)

So, get it together and get these girls on that same level.

Fall in love with M.O’s “Not In Love,” then follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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