Robyn: Getting Crunchy

In a true show of her exponential growth in the industry, Robyn has been picked up by Lady M-Dolla for the European Leg of the Sticky & Sweet Tour. I’m a little bitter about the fact that she’s only joining during the European dates, but I can’t complain. I’m just ready for something new. The woman’s been banging around the same album for three years now, and I’m quite over it by now. Gimme more!

The tour dates featuring Robyn are as follows:

26-August Nice: Stade Charles Ehrmann
28-August Berlin: Olympic Stadium
30-August Zurich: Military Airfield Dubendorf
02-September Amsterdam: Arena
04-September Dusseldorf: LTU Arena
09-September Frankfurt: Commerzbank Arena
14-September Lisbon: Parque da Bela Vista
23-September Vienna: Danube Island
27-September Athens: Olympic Stadium

If This Is The Girl Group Wave…

If This Is The Girl Group Wave…

Like the lady mamas of Girlicious are to the hoochie skanks of Pussycat Dolls,

Miley: Bringing Hellfire And Damnation

Miley: Bringing Hellfire And Damnation

Breathe easy, ladies and gentlemen, for the time has come

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