Daily B: Limbo

You’d think these matters would be handled more professionally when it comes to Jive Records.

In a truly perplexing twist of events, “Womanizer,” the first confirmed single from Britney Spears‘ upcoming Circus, was intended to be premiered today, September 22nd. As of 11 A.M. EST, the track is still nowhere to be found. When it came time to play the track on German radio station 89.0 RTL last night, the announcers fumbled around for minutes and stated that the track was still being mixed by Britney’s management, and that the single would not be mastered until later this week.

Additionally, the release date for “Womanizer” has been removed from Zomba’s official page.

EDIT: I just got off the phone with a rep from Z100, who said: “We don’t have it, so it’s not going to happen today…Hopefully soon.”

EDIT 2 @ 11:39 AM: From Britney’s official site:

I know, I know… I’m bummed about “Womanizer” being MIA, too! Just got the official word from Jive — they’re putting the finishing touches on “Womanizer” as I write this! Oh, and I hear it’s going to be the best damn B track to date. So if I had the choice between hearing a so-so song today and waiting for a kick-ass tune? Um, kick-ass tune, please! And I assure you—the second it’s ready, you’ll hear the REAL thing here on Britney.com. Those little leaks out there? NOT IT. Remember loves — if it’s not here, it’s not legit!

All we can do now is stalk the site…Give it a few days.

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Changing While We Wait

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