Daily B: Center of Attention

This album seems to be growing larger and larger by the day. How many producers could possibly work with her at once?

Backstage at FNMTV, Keri Hilson spoke to Extra:

Keri also dished a few details about Brit’s next album, confirming that she’d be working with Danja and “the rest of Timbaland’s crew”, and that she’d already started working with Britney in both Vegas and LA. “I’m excited,” she told Extra. “We’re going to bang it out this time!”

We’re going to pretend she didn’t mention Timbaland, cross our fingers, and pray that he hasn’t signed onto the project. Regardless, the Hilson crew is far from the only team working on the upcoming Britney project. Lady GaGa (!!!) has taken a moment away from the ice wand to scribe two tracks for the pop princess. In a recent interview, GaGa spilled the beans on that deal:

Lady GaGa: “…and I have two songs on Britney’s next record too.”
Interviewer: “Wow. Now do you know when that’s supposed to come out, the new Britney record?”
Lady GaGa: “I don’t know. She’s in the studio recording still, so I would imagine it wouldn’t be until 2009. But just based on the songs I’ve done, it’s gonna be a big comeback for her.”
Interviewer: “Now what’d you think about the last album, see I loved the last one. It’s amazing. It’s my workout CD, I love it.”
Lady GaGa: “Incredible. But I know what’s she capable of, and I just really believe that’s this next album is gonna be, everyone’s gonna feel real bad about those Youtube videos that they posted.”
Interviewer: “Nice. Nice that’s nice to hear good things like that.”

And while no one should actually believe it, it’s at least worth noting that OK! Magazine is reporting a Justin/Britney duet. No one get too carried away on that though…that rumor’s been in the mix since 2003.

Add this to the list of already confirmed producers, and you’ve got yourself a good ol’ clusterfuck of sound. Anticipation building…
Come back to me.

Come back to me.


Summer, Donna.

Summer, Donna.

Hello, lovers!

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