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‘Never Let You Go’: Hilary Duff & Matthew Koma Cover Third Eye Blind

The year is 2020, and Hilary Duff has returned to bring us back to the year 2000.

This week has already been unpredictable in the best of ways (come through, Parasite), and also full of very oddly specific, early-to-mid ’00s nostalgia that ought to have fellow millennials yearning to update their AIM away messages: Kelly Clarkson singing Avril Lavigne ballads. Mandy Moore singing about So Real on her new album. Jessica Simpson making headlines about her life and serving Legally Blonde looks. The Pussycat Dolls popping up on MTV and Times Square billboards. Hilary Duff covering Third Eye Blind.

Wait, sorry. What?! Yes! Sure. But why? Well, there’s every good reason.

For one thing, Hilary is a known rock pioneer, from Santa Clause Lane onward. It comes as no surprise that the future “Mr. James Dean” Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee would opt to pay tribute to one of her fellow rock contemporaries from around the time of her own debut.

Along with her husband Matthew Koma (who, if you don’t know, also produced several songs on Breathe In, Breathe Out), Hilary teamed up with producer RAC for a 2020 version of the American rock band’s No. 14 2000 hit.

I can recall the song being inescapable at the time, although I didn’t actively listen to it on my Zune – far too straight for me, despite my closet case status at the time. However, it’s widely speculated (at least, some parts of the Internet) that the song is about Charlize Theron, which makes it much more queer. And now it’s even gayer, thanks to Hilary!

As for the song? Well, it’s the same song. But the cute new version basically replaces much of those pesky guitar noises with some far more palatable, breezy, synth-pop beats, as the musical lovebirds and gorgeous newlyweds trade off on the track, which also comes just in time for Valentine’s Day. Much better!

The song is also the first taste of new vocals from Hilary since her “Little Lies” cover in 2016 for Younger. And she sounds sweet!

Is this proof that Hilary Duff is making musical moves to save us? Of course, it must be. She’ll never let us go.

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