Not Planned

Here comes another unexpected leak from Michelle Williams‘ upcoming album, Unexpected, called “The Greatest”. Actually, this one wasn’t too surprising. It’s a fairly industry-standard R&B ballad, not unlike most of Mariah Carey‘s last two “albums”. Though unlike Carey’s last attempts, it is not complete and utter shit. Also, it does earn some points for the vocoded “oh-oh”-ing going on. If the song starts off a bit too rocky for you, hold off until the chorus for a surprisingly convincing attempt at sincerity featuring William’s half-cat, half-cigarette laden, crackling voice. The song works well enough for me…Let’s just hope that this is one of the only ballads on the album.

Daily B: Getting Deeper Now

Daily B: Getting Deeper Now

Apparently, B Girl was all set to roll today, there was a delay in shooting her

Divas And The Graphic Artists Who Hate Them

Divas And The Graphic Artists Who Hate Them

Oh, really?

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