Do Me, Do Me More

Here we have the better of the two new song releases from Namie Amuro‘s latest greatest hits compilation, BEST FICTION. The video is a fairly good summarization of all things Namie Amuro in the past few years: It’s got the metallic mod-disco glamorous sheen of her latest clips, the usage of tiny hats, and, of course, those signature Amuro moves that are about one batted eyelash away from asleep. I’ve never seen someone manage to look so tired while still doing so many vigorous dance moves other than this woman. Whatever…she’s amazing.

There’s not a whole lot going on in this Alice In Wonderland-themed video that hasn’t been conquered before (minus the stripper horses…or horse strippers), though I appreciate the usage of various winning formulas of recent history. The dancing brings me back to a less intense version of Ciara‘s rooftop choreography for “Get Up,” the damsel-in-distressed Alice conjures Gwen “What You Waiting For?” And how much does she look like Ayumi in “Because of You”?

Daily B: Confirmed

Daily B: Confirmed

Larry Rudolph has given an official statement to several media outlets regarding

You want me? Well, I want to dance.

You want me? Well, I want to dance.

ElectroQueer has just broken the news that Dangerous Muse is finally moving

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