You want me? Well, I want to dance.

ElectroQueer has just broken the news that Dangerous Muse is finally moving forward on their long awaited debut album! As an added bonus, not only are they releasing the damn thing, but they’ve been working with audio extraordinaire group, Bloodshy & Avant, responsible for such hits as, oh, let’s see…. Britney‘s “Toxic” and Kylie‘s “Speakerphone,” for starters.

To celebrate, please enjoy my favorite song from the New Wave duo, “Give Me Danger” below. Lucky for you, the song comes coupled with a fan video from The Sims 2. You can either stare to your left at the outrageously attractive twosome (my recommendation), or watch the video to truly understand the raw passion and grief of the song that only a Sim can emote. The choice is yours.

Do Me, Do Me More

Do Me, Do Me More

Here we have the better of the two new song releases from Namie Amuro‘s

Remember when…

Remember when…

Róisín Murphy was a duo?

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