Haven’t done a proper perusal of the peripheral in a while (tee hee), so let us embark on a musical journey of sorts, shall we? To the right, the first image that caught my eye when Google Image searching for “scraps.” And go!

ArjanWrites has some particularly luscious electro-pop brewing lately with the introducion of some new tunage from Electric Valentine, The Ultrasonics, and Neon Hitch! Head over to stream the new tracks now!

Raj of Electroqueer‘s got a sizzling review of Sam Sparro and Annie‘s performances at the iTunes Festival in London.

My friend Steve over at XOLondon has written up a fantastic interview with one of my favorite male pop stars, Darren Hayes. It’s incisive, entertaining, and rather comprehensive. An excellent example of “smart pop” at its finest, if you will. Please check that out at once!

The ever quirky It’s The Money Shot! has a nice amassment of links and news bites covering the past week. Which, now that I think of it, is a better version of what I’m doing right now. Check out his stuff! PS: Did you know he draws those pictures he includes in every entry? I know, right?!

HardCandyMusic‘s always seems to have the latest music first. Head over and check out what appears to be the first promotional remix of Lindsay Lohan‘s promo single, “Bossy.” It’s an absolutely vital warm synth repackaging of the original: Bigger bass, flashier lights! Literally, give it two seconds…you’ll be sold. Make sure to keep your eyes open for the Mike Rizzo mix as well according to Mike himself, which should be cropping up sometime soon!

D’Luv of Chart Rigger keeps going on about people who suck.

PopMuse is keeping the mixes spinning on and on, even though I’m still not over his fantastic Disco Globes 2008 compilation!

Ghoulish surprise

Ghoulish surprise

Wow worthy, honestly

Fame gets a face.

Fame gets a face.

The Lady GaGa album cover has arrived

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