So this year might not be resulting in the greatest pop album covers, but the videos? Flawless! What you’re about to witness might be the year’s most erotic entry, and perhaps one of the finest.

Mylène Farmer— who, for argument’s sake, is the French version of Madonna, is returning to the music landscape after a few years with a new album called Point de Suture. The kick-off single has been leaking out bit by bit over the past few weeks, finally featured in full within her full length video.

Combine various elements of The Fifth Element, The Presets’ video for “This Boy’s In Love,” and ghostly, airborne orgasms, and you got yourself the video for “Dégénération.” The cinematography is stunningly gorgeous; the mood absolutely chilling. The song will not perform commercially, though it’s probably not the singer’s intention. This is a grower, for sure, with throbbing synth undertones and a sterile, cold atmosphere that keeps in line with its accompanying clip. Together, the song and video create a phenomenal package.

Oh, and the clip below is not suitable for minors. Enjoy.

An unexpected shift in dates

An unexpected shift in dates


Shoot baby, shoot baby

Shoot baby, shoot baby

I learned of Get Well Soon a few weeks back thanks to 8/1, but never got around

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