Daily B: Silly.

So what’s happened lately? Well, Britney got her hair did again by Kim Vo last night. No word on the final look, but E! has been soiling themselves with anticipation claiming: “She’s flirting with the idea of having her hair cut short.” Be still, my heart!

She also attended the “Light It Up” night party hosted by Phil Maloof the other night. She looked tired and bored.

Anddd, according to this E! Online blog, Britney has just shot a promo clip for the upcoming Sept. 7th Video Music Awards with this year’s host, Russell Brand.

“It was mostly ad-libbed, with Russell asking her for advice about hosting the show,” a source tells me. “There’s also a 9,000-pound elephant in it, as in ‘the elephant in the room.’ “

Personally, I think it would be perfect for B to poke fun at herself and lighten up the entire situation. It might seem a bit early, but if she’s established enough in her own little world, then why not? Besides, she’s no stranger to VMA teasers:

Ahh, the good ‘ol days.

Make It Electric!

Make It Electric!

If they’re not busy taking you to a gay bar, they’re cleaning your

Daily B: Part Deux

Daily B: Part Deux

New promo: Confirmed

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