Make It Electric!

If they’re not busy taking you to a gay bar, they’re cleaning your kitchen! Yes, the crazy rascals of Electric Six are back for more. Love ’em. Though I don’t suppose they’ll ever trump their classic “Danger! High Voltage,” the band has returned in raucous, rockin‘ spirit with “Formula 409.” As per usual, expect loads of social commentary and poignant moments throughout the clip, along with copious amounts of lizard heads. The single release comes coupled with a North American concert tour, all in time for the release of their upcoming album Flashy, hitting shelves October 21st. Check out the official website for tour dates and a proper tracklisting. Viva la Six!

Interview With…Christian George!

Interview With…Christian George!

After weeks of waiting, Christian George has finally unveiled the scantily clad,

Daily B: Silly.

Daily B: Silly.

So what’s happened lately?

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