I Don’t Think We’re In Kansas Anymore. Oh Wait, We Are.

Justtt great, another Judy Garland inspired intergalactic reinterpretation of Team America: World Police. How many of these must we suffer through? Yeah, a trifle bit late on the single release, but it’s still valid: It’s the lead-off track “Kansas City” from Sneaky Sound System‘s sophomore album, 2, due out on August 16. A pumping, throbbing tune launched straight at the dancefloor, “Kansas City” delivers a divalicious ‘tude thanks to lead singer Connie Mitchell‘s sizzling vocals (she did Kanye‘s “Flashing Lights” you know!!) mixed with just the right amount of glittering electro. Altogether, it plays like an instant classic.

How I Do.

How I Do.

It’s a Monday morning, and desperate times call for desperate measures

Cinema GaGa

Cinema GaGa

Here’s Lady GaGa‘s mini-video, produced with her own funds

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