Cinema GaGa

Here’s Lady GaGa‘s mini-video, produced with her own funds. It’s a brief smörgÃ¥sbord of visual delight, upcoming album tracks from The Fame, and general extravagance. For the most part, I loved most of the concept and usage of the new tracks. However, I do have a major issue with the second track featured, “Poker Eyes.” With a slightly more playful, hip-hop vibe in the verses, the song is essentially a mere replication of the “Just Dance” melody and backing beat. I’ll let it slide, but I was a bit appalled that the original song was so plainly mimicked and recycled. It should have been left alone, frankly.

Now, I realize GaGa’s a bit hard to handle sometimes. She does visibly try too hard, and her personality borders wavers between pretentious and agitating within most of her interviews and webisodes. That being said, she’s been crafting some seriously catchy electro-spiced tunes, delivering rather strong live performances, and most importantly, she’s been fighting the good fight in the name of all things pop. I have not lost faith in the GaGa yet–her album remains one of my top anticipated releases of 2008.

I Don’t Think We’re In Kansas Anymore. Oh Wait, We Are.

I Don’t Think We’re In Kansas Anymore. Oh Wait, We Are.

Justtt great, another Judy Garland inspired intergalactic reinterpretation of

Interview With…Christian George!

Interview With…Christian George!

After weeks of waiting, Christian George has finally unveiled the scantily clad,

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