britney-iggy copy

Iggy Azalea loves to “Work.” Britney Jean loves to “Work Bitch.” Isn’t it time for the two get to work (bitch) together?

While we’ve yet to receive a proper remix package for “Work Bitch,” Robots With Rayguns has taken it upon himself to give Britney’s Britney Jean banger a lush makeover — with the help of rising rap princess Iggy Azalea’s masterful track “Work,” the lead single off her upcoming record The New Classic (which also happens to be one of the best tracks of the year).

The result is “Working Overtime,” a synth-tastic mash-up that gives each song a dreamy ’80’s electro sheen, sort of like something off of the Drive soundtrack. It’s not quite #SomethingMoreUrban — rather, #SomethingMoreChill. Brit Brit’s luscious coos sound especially pretty against that shimmering pulse, and Iggy’s flow provides a perfectly gritty assist.

You wanna party in France with these two? No money, no family…just the police and the guv-a-nuh.

Now get this work, bitch. Not that you have to work particularly hard — it’s free! Grab it below from Soundcloud.