Ramblings and RiRi

Sorry lovelies, I’ve been busy unearthing treasures from dozens of bags as I continue to settle into my new apartment. But alas, I have returned. Naturally, the process has caused quite a bit of stress (so much wall space, so little poster tape), but I am carrying on like a trooper. So what’s been going on lately?

Rihanna decided to incorporate O-Zone‘s “Dragostea Din Tei” into her latest collabo with rapper T.I. for a song called “Livin’ Your Life.” The result is quite shit, though it’s nice to see that RiRi is still showing some love to all things Euro. That being said, it’s still shit.

I’ve been in an heavy though inexplicably Sophie Ellis-Bextor mood lately. Perhaps it’s the dryness of the new apartment, but I’ve really been longing for that British tart’s moody mumblings. She’s been busy recording, so we’ll have to wait and see what’s next. For now, let us catch the girl boo-gee at her prime:

Mike Rizzo‘s mix of Lindsay Lohan‘s Bossy has finally arrived, and it is delightful, summer fun. I’m a fan.

I’m beginning to deeply disengage from the Gagasphere. Not only do all of her songs sound exactly the same, but I’m starting to realize the similarity between her voice and Aguilera‘s, which is a very, very unappetizing circumstance. That, and the production feels pretty cheap. Here she is with the New Kids On The Block for “Big Girl Now,” off of their soon to be released fifth album.

Britney & Madonna: Together Again

Britney & Madonna: Together Again

Do not click “read more” if you do not want to spoil the Sticky

Here Comes The Suga

Here Comes The Suga

Many people have been throwing their two cents in on the whole new Sugababes

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