Daily B: Just A Peek

Around 1 P.M. today, 107.5 FM The River leaked 37 seconds of Britney‘s upcoming single “Womanizer,” due out on the radios on Monday. The snippet was recorded through a cell phone and, according to later coverage by MTV, features a rough mix of the song that will not be the final sound. Jive has been doing an incredible job protecting her new music as of late, including reports that her CD’s are being brought back in safes after dance recitals!

Thoughts so far?

It’s not “Gimme More” perfection, but it’s still brilliant. From what I can hear, the song sounds quite similar to a less rock edged version of Jamelia‘s “Beware of the Dog,” featuring loads of “whoo”-ing and a chanty disco chorus. Judging by the beat alone, it has all the makings of one fierce video. Three more days and we shall soon hear it in full!

Daily B: Upgrade U

Daily B: Upgrade U


Song Of The Day: Unlimited Capacity For Love

Song Of The Day: Unlimited Capacity For Love

I’m taking a quick minute to post one of my favorites from a true

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