Song Of The Day: Unlimited Capacity For Love

I’m taking a quick minute to post one of my favorites from a true superstar, Miss Grace Jones. It’s “Unlimited Capacity For Love,” a song truly destined to be played on repeat until the night’s end. The beat is classic Grace; a driving, rolling disco stomp with a distinct ’80’s crackling flare. The song itself drones on and on for what feels like hours, though it’s far more timeless than tedious–Trust me. There’s such a swanky seduction about the melody…It’s simply delicious.

So give it a listen, and the next time you hear the word “unlimited,”I defy you to try and stop yourself from muttering the chorus of this fine little ditty under your breath. Defy!

Daily B: Just A Peek

Daily B: Just A Peek

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Changing While We Wait

Changing While We Wait

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