Daily B: Womanized

Faisal of Ohh! Crapp… is doing us all a great civic duty by taking on the monumental task of compiling any and all “Womanizer” remixes available into one tidy post. But it’s not that he’s simply compiling…he’s asking for help from everyone! Anyone willing to put their own spin on Britney’s latest can contribute their mixes, and some bigger acts such as The Teenagers and Loose Shuus have already contributed!

Head over to Ohh! Crapp… now to see all of the mixes that have been submitted already. The electro-dazzling Dominik von Werdt mix is already a surefire success with me, while the Loose Shuus mix is a glorious, glamorous combination of ’80’s teased game show theme songs and space-age vocal detailing.

Oh yeah! While you’re there, make sure you check out the “Break the Ice” remix by Rochelle. It’s official, but was left off of the final single. Juicy!

I <3 The Dancefloor

I <3 The Dancefloor

I have a very good track for you

Nicole: More Than A Pussy

Nicole: More Than A Pussy

So, I’ve got to get something off of my chest…It’s not quite a

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