Erm, well.

The video for Gwen Stefani‘s grand comeback track “Baby Don’t Lie” has arrived and…it’s fine. Or maybe a little less than fine, actually. It’s kind of bad? It is.

For one thing, a technical ugh: The video’s all fucked up and grainy! At 1080p, the image should absolutely not look like this:

Gwen Stefani Baby

Can’t someone with a little computer savvy help out the Orange County Girl?

But onto the actual content of the video, which — well, there isn’t much to talk about there, either.

Apart from ample amounts of #BeatsPromo, as is The Customary Thing To Do In Music Videos, there’s just not a whole lot happening. She looks fabulous (in a related story, grass remains green) and the dancers dance as dancers do, but this is largely a judge-on-The Voice-with-too-tight-of-a-schedule phoned-in green screen affair with some poorly rendered graphics. Really? After six years, Gwen? Knowing what you’re capable of?

If that’s what you’re in the market for, best just to watch this one instead.

Here’s hoping “Spark The Fire” gives us something a little more sweet to chew on.

“Baby Don’t Lie” was released on October 20. (iTunes)