Girls Aloud: The Promise (Video)

I distinctly remember someone once predicting that the video for “The Promise” was to be shot at a drive-in theater within one of the fan forums, so it was greatly pleasing to see a fan’s dream shoot finally come true.

As per usual, I’ve sectioned off the bits and pieces that are most pressing in terms of the Aloud’s new video:

Specific Points Of Interest:

Girls Aloud likes to watch themselves. Lustfully. Cheryl and Nadine especially, though this really comes as no surprise to no one in particular.

-Girls Aloud in black and white are as equally talented as their colorful counterparts.

-Big Hair is quite in these days.

-The choreography is quite complex, probably as difficult as their “Biology” routine. Christ alive, these girls cannot move in synch for their lives.

-“Sexy! No, No, No” eye makeup has been borrowed once more.

-Note: Not a problem.

-There is, at last, a lengthy focus on Kimberley during her “section,” no doubt to appease the overly rabid Kimba-fans.

-Sadly, “Walking Primrose” apparently does not refer to the actual walking of some sort of animal named Primrose as many had suspected, but rather the actual location. Way to let us down Sarah. Loving the Edie Sedgwick look, though!

-Nicola is continuing to DROP THE BALL. Good Lord woman, would it kill you to mime that sub-par intro with the rest of ’em? Don’t you know how utterly bizarre it looks to have everyone else down the line singing but you? We’re fighting.

And last but not least,

-Girls Aloud’s ’60’s influenced up-tempo celebration> Sugababes‘ 60’s influenced up-tempo celebration. Let it be known always.
Get Ready For The Spirits

Get Ready For The Spirits

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