I haven’t written about Donawhale on MuuMuse, but it’s worth noting that this band is indeed amazing.

Sadly however, I have not managed to find any information on the band because they are (a) from Korea and (b) relatively underground.

For that reason, I’m going to compose what I believe to be some valid band facts after having listened to their debut Donawhale Vol. 1. The facts are as follows:

-Donawhale is Korean for “sexy fun sleepy time.”

-Donawhale is composed of four strippers, an ex-pirate, and a gopher named Cleetus May Daffidoodle.

-Donawhale are massive fans of documentaries featuring and/or mentioning the elusive giant squid.

-Donawhale has sold more singles than Madonna, more live tours than Cher, and has denied admission to rehabilitation more times than any other beehived songstress of our time.

Now that you’re fully acquainted, take a listen to their brilliantly beautiful, soothing fourth track from the album Donawhale Vol. 1, entitled “Echo.”

They make me so happy inside…like jelly.

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