Boring Boars And High-Heeled Whores

I had heard rumblings of some indie film spot that Sophie Ellis-Bextor had been involved in a few weeks ago. Turns out, the rumors were true…Quite unfortunately. In association with MySpace and M.A.C. Cosmetics, the story line (from what I’ve gathered on the official website, not my actual understanding) is that of a tragic pig-man that wreaks havoc on a town at night, kidnapping women for their precious high heeled shoes. Yep.

Perhaps I’m missing the genius here, or maybe I’m not cool enough to “get” it, but I’m fairly secure in my belief that this among one of the worst things I’ve seen all week. It ruined my night. And yes, I’m including the latest Heidi Montag video in my sentiments. Seriously…this is some truly pitiful stuff! The acting is sub-par, the plot absolutely nonsensical. I get the idea of bad movies being bad for the sake of being so, but this just goes above and beyond. It’s more than Reefer Madness remake bad. It’s worse! This is like a B-grade rip off of a John Waters reinterpretation of The Forbidden Zone. Absolutely abysmal, lacking in hilarity and entertainment in its entirety.

Click above to watch “The Town That Boars Me,” a short film by Ben Charles features Kelly Osbourne, Sadie Frost, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Natt Weller, Jodie Harsh, Zandra Rhodes, Andrew Logan and Dee C Lee.

I defy you not to lose interest halfway through. Bextor looked nice, though.



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