We Are Technology!

Technologic is quite a creation. Started by the joint fandom of its two members, Ray and Martina, the band united with the aid of the Pet Shop Boys official forum. Soon after they began speaking, the two began constructing songs together and creating a joint sound. Though they didn’t meet in person for another year, Technologic went on to record their debut album, Classic, in 2002. Quite unjustly however, the band has yet to be properly represented by a label. A complete shame, as Technologic deserves to be heard. Like an ode to their fandom, Technologic’s sound is as unapologetically synth-pop as PSB, yet the catchy melodies and hooks are buried beneath complex house, electro, and trance elements.

Here now is a free song available for download, “We Can Be,” a song that envelops familiar ’90’s house loops with a lounge-like, electro-fied modern edge. The song is aided by a nice, distant vocal delivery remihniscent of a sound somewhere between early Ladytron and Client. You may listen to the track streaming below, or download the mp3 for free right here, right now!

For more on Technologic, check out their website here, as well as their MySpace, which features loads of brilliant songs such as “Love Letters,” “We Are Technology,” and my personal favorite, “City Lights.”

Sip Of Catnip

Sip Of Catnip

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Daily B: Upgrade U

Daily B: Upgrade U


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