Boa: Eat You Up

At long last, BoA‘s American debut track “Eat You Up” has found its way onto the net! As suggested through the preview clips, its a pretty bold, bassy stomper. Benefiting from some nice Bloodyshy & Avant vocal gymnastics, the bridge to this bad boy is absolutely lush, hovering somewhere just below Kylie‘s electro-stung X material.

BoA, the artist, is certainly growing up: It’s unnerving to find the same bright-eyed girl who once jumped around with squeaky-clean hits including “Shine We Are” and “Sara” now chirping merrily about taking you to her room and, well, eating you up! I suppose even K-pop artists must someday suffer the crumbling of innocence.

Do I think she’ll be able to take on the titans of today’s pop? Not quite yet, as the song cannot stand on its own. Still, it’s a valiant effort, and if she puts the right focus and promotion into drilling the tune into our heads, we might all be in for an incredible surprise. I hope I’m right!

Check out BoA’s “Eat You Up” in full here!

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