Breakbeats and Heartbreakers

LehtMoJoe is an independent producer from Dallas, producing tracks for artists for over 8 years. Right now, he’s working on creating his first album.

Check out the track “Tom Petty,” from his upcoming album, an arcade ride full of pumping bass and crunchy, electro goodness. Very much of the DIY-electro sound happening right now…I’m loving the st-st-stutterin’ rhythm bits!

DL: LehtMoJoe – Tom Petty

Hey, if the rest of the album sounds this good, we just might be hearing more of him very soon!

Koda Kumi: Better Than Best

Koda Kumi: Better Than Best

At the age of 25, Koda Kumi is set to release her fourth (count them, four)

As For Tonight…

As For Tonight…

I’ll be in the candy shop if you need me

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