At the age of 25, Koda Kumi is set to release her fourth (count them, four) greatest hits album according to her fan club. BEST~third trial~, will be released on Dec. 17th, only eight years after Kumi’s debut.

Don’t be fooled by the title, non-Kumi enthusiasts…It’s the fourth compilation. Last year, Avex Records released the astonishingly unnecessary BEST~Bounce & Lovers~, a collection of seemingly random up-tempos and ballads from her back catalog. Most likely, this is an effort to revitalize Kumi’s scandalized public image, allowing us all to remember the better, more wholesome times…Like this! Seriously though, it’s been one studio album since the last greatest hits. Who do they think she is, Ayumi?

Oh, J-Pop stars…You manage to stay on top for even a year, you’ll still have four Greatest Hits collections waiting for you on the way out.


On a side note, Grace Jones‘ album has finally made its way to my inbox…Hold on tight.