Danity Kane: A Retrospective

It’s time to get a bit Danity in this bitch.

I remain unfazed by the allegations of shake-ups within Danity Kane‘s line up. Call it a hunch or call it mere common sense, but the band was formed within a MTV program first and foremost. The producers of the show will not knowingly allow a Making The Band season to end without some seriously heated in-fighting and melodrama before signing off. The live finale is next week, where we will inevitably find that Diddy has decided to re-unite the band much to our great relief. If he doesn’t? Now, that would be a surprise, and a truly grim indication of DK’s future. Then again, we are living within a recession. Maybe we’ll find out that Diddy has been streamlining the business and cutting costs…A sign of the times, surely.

For argument’s sake, let’s pretend that the band remains intact, because I’d like to discuss their last (perhaps literal?) release.

Welcome To The Dollhouse was released in April, and remains one of my most played albums of 2008. Of the entire album, the only track worth skipping is the embarrassingly schlocky sign-off track, “Key To My Heart”. While other albums have come and gone this year (Hey, Lady GaGa), I’ve continued to return to this album. The album’s tracks remain as solid as its first play for me: Unstoppable melodies, vocal acrobatics, and glittering production value. While it may go unrecognized, this is the Pussycats Dolls album that should have been. One listen of the breathy, electro-stung aural orgasm “Strip Tease” requires no further explanation.

One of the rare joys of Welcome To The Dollhouse is its determined focus within the present: This is an authentic 2008 album. Considering the recent onslaught of ’80’s inspired electro-glitch and feel good ’60’s airy pop (who isn’t claiming to be making music inspired by one of these two eras these days, honestly?!), it’s becoming difficult to carve out a decidedly “now” sound of the ’00’s. Luckily, it’s a sound happily achieved within this Dollhouse.

Whether or not there will be more to come from Danity remains unknown. It’s unlikely to me, as the members have already begun persuing solo interests and projects. Either way, Dollhouse has gone on to become an overlooked album, lacking in both promotion and airplay.

Girls Aloud: Tangled Up Tour

Girls Aloud: Tangled Up Tour

Well then, I suppose this offers an explanation for the dropping-of-the-ball

Red Blooded Women: Can U See?

Red Blooded Women: Can U See?

Too far gone, it’s been too long…I’ve not yet posted about Red

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