Girls Aloud: Tangled Up Tour

Well then, I suppose this offers an explanation for the dropping-of-the-ball known as the single art for The Promise.

Glorious, dramatic, and utterly epic: It’s the official cover art for the Girls Aloud Tangled Up Tour DVD, to be released October 27th. If you take a look at the photo in its entirety, you may notice that it is literally perfection. Surely it must be a goof on the designer’s part?

Click “Read More…” for the tracklisting of the DVD!

1. Sexy! No No No…
2. Girl Overboard
3. Sound Of The Underground
4. Close To Love
5. Can’t Speak French
6. Love Machine
7. Black Jacks
8. Biology
9. Whole Lotta History
10. With Every Heartbeat
11. I’ll Stand By You
12. Fling
13. Push It
14. Wake Me Up / Walk This Way
15. Control Of The Knife
16. Call The Shots
17. Jump
18. Something Kinda Ooooh

Bonus Material:
19. Sexy! No No No… – Music Video
20. Call The Shots – Music Video
21. Can’t Speak French – Music Video
22. Album Teaser Ad
23. Album Teaser Ad 2
24. Behind-The-Scenes Documentary

The Presets: Talk Like That, Win Like This

The Presets: Talk Like That, Win Like This

The Presets are having themselves a bit of a competition

Danity Kane: A Retrospective

Danity Kane: A Retrospective

It’s time to get a bit Danity in this bitch

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