Blake Lewis: Selfless

Hot of the heels of the last post on Blakey boy, another Darude and Blake Lewis collaboration has entered into my peripheral.

This one’s called “Selfless,” and according to Darude, was penned entirely by Blake himself while Darude produced the track on the road. It’s a drifter of a track, teeming with Ibiza-like electro chills and ambient synth surges. Blake’s delicate delivery blends effortlessly with the music and, never one to disappoint the fans, includes Blake’s signature beat-boxing skills. It’s clear now that Blake needs to maintain this faithful dance sound…It’s in his blood, I tell you.

More importantly, “Selfless” (Non-ironic title!) is rooted in an important cause: The track is featured on Dance4Life, a compilation album which is part of a worldwide project to actively inspire young people to get involved in the global fight against HIV and AIDS. For more information, please be sure to check out the official site of Dance4Life to learn more about the organization’s programs and events!

To purchase Darude’s track with Blake or check out any of the other tracks featured on the Dance4Life compilation CD, please click here.

Hope For Tomorrow

Hope For Tomorrow

Yes We Did

Daily B: Madonna, Justin, and….Britney?!

Daily B: Madonna, Justin, and….Britney?!

I can’t quite wrap my head around this at the moment, but according to

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