Daily B: Star Academy

Yes, a bit late this time around. Forgive me, I’ve just gotten home from The Big Apple getting my tickets to see this woman in four days. Be still, my heart! Anyway, here we go with Round Two on the promo trip for Britney, this time at Star Academy in France!

All in all, I thought this was an arguably superior performance than the Bambi Awards. B seemed to stick the moves with a bit more ummph, and the focused camera work really helped to prove that the song features a greater deal of choreography than we were led to believe from last night. And while she’s still far more nervous than pre-breakdown Britney, that assured strut down the runway near the song’s finish was entirely classic. Oh, and the wardrobe? Definite upgrade.

At the end of the day though, B’s performance could have been a carbon copy of last night’s, and Star Academy still would have trumped the Bambi’s. Why? The audience! Amazing reception, incredible energy…Such a vast improvement from the corpses that lined the seats at the German Awards.

Daily B: Shooting For The Stars

Daily B: Shooting For The Stars

This came much sooner than I expected!

Little Boots: Meddle

Little Boots: Meddle

If anyone else is still tripping out on Tryptophan like me post-Turkey Day, then

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