Daily B: Shooting For The Stars

This came much sooner than I expected! It’s the studio version of Brit’s “Womanizer” performance, featuring the same beat breaks and that ever-so-brief dance breakdown bit.

EDIT: For clarity, I’m hearing this is most likely a fan reworking of the track. Still, it’s essentially on par with the actual remix. Well done!

DL: Britney Spears – Womanizer (Live Studio Version)

Oh, and don’t forget to tune in for Star Academy tonight! Brit will be performing “Womanizer,” while the rest of the contestants will be singing various songs from B’s back catalogue. Exciting! The live show streams at the following times (Courtesy of Anthony @ BMK):

Star Academy – 28th (8:50 pm in France)
UK – 7:50 pm
Eastern Standard Time (EST) – 2:50 pm
Central Standard Time (CST) – 1:50 pm
Mountain Standard Time (MST) – 12:50 pm
Pacific Standard Time (PST) – 11:50 am

RIP: The Cheetah Girls

RIP: The Cheetah Girls

In a day that will undoubtedly leave its mark upon the hearts and minds of all

Daily B: Star Academy

Daily B: Star Academy

Yes, a bit late this time around

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