Gimme, Gimme More

Looks like it’s really going down! According to X17, Britney and Madonna are currently rehearsing a rendition of “Gimme More” featuring Madge on the guitar! As for Justin‘s sequence, we can almost guarantee it’ll be a re-teaming for the “4 Minutes” performance. Show’s starting in less than an hour…Watch this space for fan videos and pictures as they come in!

EDIT 1: Courtesy of BreatheHeavy, the concert set-up:

EDIT 2: Britney’s on! And as originally reported, she did not do “Gimme More,” but rather “Human Nature.” She looks so pretty!

She looks absolutely gorgeous: Mature, confident, healthy, and happy! She’s so Britney 6.0, recharged and ready…I love it!

Daily B: EMA Victories!

Daily B: EMA Victories!

Congratulations to Britney for winning Best Album of the Year at the 2008 MTV

Beyoncé: Halo

Beyoncé: Halo

According to most fans, “Halo” is the probable candidate for the

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