Behold: It’s the video premiere for “Cheers (Drink to That),” Rihanna‘s seventh (and presumably final, given this celebratory montage) single from LOUD!


AHHH!!!! I just love every single millisecond of this clip! It’s got everything: You’ve got her cheeky, naughty side grinding all up on dudes, the bad ass strutting across the stage and grabbing her crotch, the party girl getting all tipsy in da club with her besties, the sugary-sweet mama getting lovey dovey with little children (I awwed!), and of course, you’ve got the Barbadian princess embracing her roots and celebrating in the streets with her home country, all adding up to everything that a proper pop star should be.

I love Rihanna. I’m stanning out like my name is Stan E. Stanford. Now I have to go and get my Rihanna Navy sailor outfit dry-cleaned so I can wear it out all weekend in support of Our Holy Rihsus, Lady of Barbados.

Oh, and Avril‘s in it. I mean…yeah.

I’m off to watch eleventy billion more times now!

“Cheers (Drink to That)” was released to radio in August. (iTunes)