Girls Aloud: A Miracle Can Happen For Sure

Kudos to the fabulous fivesome, better known as Girls Aloud, for scoring their first ever number one album UK chart position with Out of Control! A well deserved, long overdue victory, as I think we can all agree.

Oh, and just so we’re all clued in here…I’ve had a change of heart regarding “Rolling Back The Rivers In Time.” While it doesn’t scream “single material” to me as it does many others (Radio 1 played it the other night!), it is nonetheless a brilliant affair after all.

DL: Girls Aloud – Rolling Back The Rivers In Time

Utada Hikaru: Passion

Utada Hikaru: Passion

I’m posting Hikaru Utada‘s “Passion” today, originally

Stacking the Charts

Stacking the Charts

In lieu of the recent charting success of the Aloud, I thought I’d run

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