t.A.T.u. Reunites to Perform Live on The Voice Romania


Last month, Julia Volkova and Lena Katina–the lovely ladies of t.A.T.u.told MuuMuse that there was “a chance” they could reunite once again. Welp, hang onto your schoolgirl skirts, y’all–’cause it just happened.

To celebrate the release of their newly issued 200 km/h In The Wrong Lane: 10th Anniversary Edition, t.A.T.u. teamed up for the first time in well over 3 years (or longer?) to perform both “All The Things She Said” and “All About Us” live on the stage of the hottest talent show this side of the Black Sea, The Voice: Romania. (X Factor Moldova was too busy, clearly.)

To preface, some slack must be given to Julia for her vocals–or lack thereof: She just underwent throat surgery last month, and she’s still pretty hoarse. Lena did a fine job of belting out to her best ability in order to (over?)compensate, while Julia strutted her svelte self across the stage, looking dangerous (and moving.) Plus, there was ample hand-holding and fond “Didn’t we almost have it all?”-esque gazing into each others eyes throughout–it was all about them, if you will.

Oh, and how ferocious is Julia during that opening interview? That side-eyed little response to sticking together? “We don’t know. We need a little time.” She’s such a little bombshell! She should be a Bond girl. Or a villain.

Like any proper girl group reunion, ’twas truly a treat seeing these together in action once again. So much nostalgia! I swoon forever! Not gonna get us! Now stick together and record another album together girls, stat.

And in case you missed it: t.A.T.u. also premiered their previously unreleased English track, “A Simple Motion,” on MuuMuse.

200 km/h In The Wrong Lane: 10th Anniversary Edition was released on November 19. (iTunes)

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