When they’re not busy signing deals for reality shows in America, The Saturdays also like to release music.

In fact, they’ve got a new single coming out next week! It’s called “30 Days,” and it’s…fine. No, I mean–it’s good! I guess. Meh. No it’s not.

However, they’ve also got a B-side on the single called “Turn Myself In” (which they first performed while on The Headlines Tour over a year ago), and it’s not just fine–it’s thoroughly amazing.

Produced by Chris Braide (Lana Del Rey, Diana Vickers), “Turn Myself In” captures the Sats at their very finest–and it’s arguably one of the best songs they’ve ever recorded. Melodies! Harmonies! Emotion!

First of all: That piano-led introduction meshed with that weird, grimey sort of lo-fi synthesizer in the background? What is that? IT’S AMAZING IS WHAT IT IS. And then it just keeps getting better, like a Legendtina Greatest Hits collection–from the instantly memorable chorus (“Turn myself in tonight, this is me coming clean with my hands up”), to the B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T post-chorus (“You hear the sirens go…hoo, ooh, ooh!“) to the ad-libs at the end (“You don’t know what it’s like!”). Chills.

“Turn Myself In” is an actual Pop TUNE…with feeling! It’s honestly stunning. (I’m also quite partial to any talk of criminals, to which The Holy Spearit can certainly attest.)

It’s sort of mortifying that “Turn Myself In” has been rudely subjected to B-side status rather than becoming a single, or at least a proper album track. Come on…


“30 Days” will be released on May 13. (iTunes UK)