In perhaps their greatest video yet, the Sugababes get their high fashion on in a man-tastic celebration of masculine inadequacy. Seriously, the girls look S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G here. Anyone have the director’s name yet? Anyway, shove together some glamourous gowns, a bucketful of sexy, shirtless men, Kylie‘s “Slow” video, and a motorcycle from PCD‘s Doll Domination cover, and you’ve got yourself the video concept “No Can Do.” The favorite moment for me? Lampshade hotties!

That Amelle…I swear, ever since she joined the troupe, Sugababes have gone nowhere but UP…And they keep on getting better! Now bring on “You On A Good Day” for single three. Or “Unbreakable Heart”! Or “Every Heart Broken”!

“No Can Do” will be released on December 22.