Noisettes: Wild Young Hearts

Excitement! While quietly perusing the websites of artists past that I dearly missed, I came across a new MySpace blog post from The Noisettes. Turns out they’ve just posted a snippet of their new single on their page, called “Wild Young Hearts.” It’s pretty classic Noisettes work: Hand-claps, crashing drum beats, and killer guitar riffs and vocals by Ms. Shoniwa. Click here to go to band’s MySpace and stream “Wild Young Hearts,” as well as an absolutely killer sample of a song called “Don’t Upset The Rhythm.” I defy my readers not to tap even one toe to that one. It’s level-up type of stuff.

As for the next album, it seems the band’s second full-length effort may be hitting the streets sooner than I anticipated!

The album is mixed.
It sounds brilliant.
I think we have stepped it all up from our last record in every possible way.
The wheels are now in motion with all the people involved with putting our record out,we have a title and a loose release date which we will let you all know about very, very soon.


Daily B: Liar Liar

Daily B: Liar Liar

DESPITE what we were told by Britney in yesterday’s posted interview about

Sugababes: No Can Do

Sugababes: No Can Do

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