BoA: Eat You Up

It’s SNOWING! How grand…How terribly grand! The event reminded me of one of the greatest Christmas songs of all time, and as a result, I am now properly distracted from my work.

Just three days ago, K-Pop & J-Pop queen BoA performed for the very first time in America…On MTV, no less! Dancing within the hallowed, haunted halls of Total Request Live studios, BoA performed two tracks as part of a special called MTV World Presents: BoA Live In New York. Judging by the frantic fan posts on the BoA Forums from members who happened to attend the event, she did rather well. MTV will be airing the special sometime in December.

To celebrate, I’ll be posting the official Flo Rida remix accompanying BoA’s first single release. The song is vastly different from the original, though not entirely better. The singer’s voice has been sifted through the electro-ringer about twelve times over, allowing for some T-Pain-esque vocal buffoonery. Still, it’s “cool” enough to merit some attention. Huzzah!

DL: BoA ft. Flo Rida – Eat You Up

Daily B: Circus: The Video (Part Deux)

Daily B: Circus: The Video (Part Deux)

It may be premiering tonight at 8 PM EST on ET, but the real version has already

BoA: Still Hungry, Still Eating

BoA: Still Hungry, Still Eating

Why good afternoon, Muusers!

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