Someday, we will understand what’s in Britney‘s plan…and today is that day.

After premiering the Smurf-tastic video for her upcoming 2014 Best Original Song Academy Award nominee and Smurfs 2 anthem “Ooh La La,” Queen B hit the recording studio with none other than the almighty Sia this afternoon.

The über-talented singer-songstress isn’t just responsible for her own immaculate discography, but literally dozens of heartfelt ballads and storming anthems for fellow pop stars, including Rihanna (“Diamonds”), Beyoncé (“Standing On The Sun”), Legendtina (“You Lost Me,” “Blank Page”), David Guetta (“Titanium,” “She Wolf”) and many, many more.

And so the Holy Spearit did tweet…

Judging by the super sweet Spearitual blessing, B-Girl felt right at home writing with the We Are Born chanteuse. And why wouldn’t she? Let’s be real: If anyone’s going to really bring that emotion out of B for Album 8, tentatively titled Blackout 2.0: It Gets Urbaner And Also More Spearitual (We’re Just Having Lots Of Lunches Right Now), it’s Sia — she wrote “Breathe Me” for Godney’s sake. (Not to be confused with “Breathe On Me” — slightly different thematically.)

Combine this with what we already know — that Britney’s calling this her most personal album yet, and that William Orbit‘s working on whipping up a Spearitual Ray of Light for B — and in our eyes, we can see it all so clear…

We’re about to get something straight from the Heartney.


Britney Sia