It’s been less than 24 hours since Tinashe wandered down to the shipyard, took some shipping containers and a tinfoil coat and rendered them instantly iconic with the incredible video for “All Hands On Deck.”

And last night, the multitalented diva kept the awe-inducing energy going with a performance of her latest Aquarius single on the stage at Conan.

And, yes, just so we’re all clear: Not a single wig was spared in the snatching.

Dressed in what was clearly a subtle, sexified homage to “Baby One More Time”-era schoolgirl Britney, the fierce crooner turned out incredibly fast and furious hair-flipping, high kicking choreography while still perfectly nailing those live vocals. Who says you can’t have it all?

A perfectly powerful performance from start to finish: The girl continues to be the future of pop, end of story.

“All Hands On Deck” was released on February 24. (iTunes)