Put Your Hands All Over–Wait, No.

Look what we have here! A new track from Madonna‘s back catalogue called “Dear Father,” recorded within the Erotica era with Andre Betts and Mic Murphy. The sound is purely Erotica, a track that would have made sense musically amongst the smoldering stomp-tastic tracks of the 1992 album. However, the content is a clear cut divergence from the skankified themes of Erotica, which explains the track’s exemption from the CD. “Dear Father, please guide and protect me / I’ll return when my battle is done,” she croons. Far from the whip cracking rule breaker evidenced on tracks like “Thief of Hearts” and “Erotica,” “Dear Father” is lyrically closer to the stuff of Like A Prayer. Still though, a find is a find, and this recently unearthed gem from the Erotica sessions remains an exciting treat!

Don’t Lie To Me

Don’t Lie To Me

It’s absolutely amazing to see how much Namie Amuro continues to grow as

A Little Bit Of Ice

A Little Bit Of Ice

Alas, Muusers…I must confess–I have done little but listen to Grace

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