Girls Aloud: The Loving Kind (Video)

Yes, yes! I completely forgot today was the debut, but here it is, the video for “The Loving Kind,” Girls Aloud‘s second single off of their fabulous, near perfect Out Of Control.

And now, the various moments of brilliance:

· First and foremost, can we take a moment for the single mix of the track? Genius! This should have been the album version.

· Why, that’s a bold lipstick color for you, Cheryl! Thank goodness you’re able to work it with your headband look…I applaud you. Now, I wonder how it would work with Kimberley’s complexion?

· 1:03 minutes in: I quite literally laughed out loud. Dear God. No, Kimba…No!

· Sarah is literally looking the best ever. She looks like some edgy, pixie-like ’80’s electro glam artist that never was. It’s sort of a race between her and Nicola as the blossoming beauties of this era, isn’t it?

· Speaking of, Nicola looks quite unsure of her ability to hit those notes, even when miming for this video. Should we worry?

· There’s nothing like literal interpretations of songs: Flowers and wine!

· High fashion, glamour, vogue. Repeat.

· Hey, wait…Red, white, and black. “Biology” stylist, et tu?

· Logic gap: Nadine would never break a frame or a glass wall with her Louboutin heels…It could cause a tear in the heel.

· Fast forward to 3:02, everyone. Good GOD Nicola, can you never get it right? Silhouette, Silhouette, Silhouette, Silhouette, NICOLA.

· I swear to God, Nic…You’re five seconds away from a phone call to Amelle. Oh, and don’t even pretend like she wouldn’t ditch the Babes for this gig. At least she’d know how to turn her damn room light off when asked to do so.

In all honesty, this is on par with the finest offerings from the Aloud. They’re all quite gorgeous and glamorous here, no matter how bold the lipstick color. But really, it’s high fashion mixed with freezing cold love melodies…How could anyone say no? Pop perfection, through and through. Love it!

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