MuuTunes: The MuuMuse Approved Tracks For The Week Of July 11, 2014

It’s the first round of July MuuTunes, bitch.

I’m heading out of town for the weekend to escape the Internet life for a hot minute, (hopefully) laying on a beach and tanning my way from translucent to a pale off-white. (A Jew boy can dream.)

Enjoy the latest serving of pop gems, and have a most #blessed Friday afternoon.


1.) Francesco Yates, “Call” (iTunes)

This supremely talented 18-year-old might only just be making his debut right now, but he sounds like he’s been running the game for years. “Call” is a late contender for Song Of Summer ’14, and quickly becoming one of my favorites of the year. Unbelievably good, gently pulsating pop with real heart and soul — keep your eyes and ears on this one.

2.) Laura Welsh, “Break The Fall” (Original Post) (iTunes)

The rapidly rising London songstress got us dancing with her Gorgon City Top 5 UK smash a few months ago. Now, she’s preparing to step out in solo form with her thunderous follow-up, a blend of Florence + The Machine and Adele at their most almighty. “I wanna love you, but I’m just too cynical…”

3.) Sia, “Free The Animal” (Original Post) (iTunes)

The Writer Of Every Pop Song Ever has returned with a truly triumphant (and soon-to-be #1) record of her own this week, filled with soaring hooks and that oh-so-very Sia brand of vulnerability. “Free The Animal” is the album’s most explosive moment apart from “Chandelier,” powered by a furious, carnal sexual energy and delicious electronic stuttering breakdowns.

4.) David Guetta, “Lovers On The Sun (feat. Sam Martin)” (iTunes)

Just because David Guetta oversaturated the market between 2010 and now with inescapable cuts like “Titanium” and “Turn Me On” doesn’t mean he’s not still supplying solid tunes. “Lovers On The Sun” feeds into the Avicii-led folk-EDM trend (he co-produced this one, so…fair enough), armed with a twangy, The Killers-like hook and ‘Kill Bill’-esque lonesome whistles.

5.) Wrathschild, “Angeles” (Original Post) (iTunes)

LA rising pop duo Wrathschild returns with a chiller, #SomethingMoreUrban vibe for Round 2 following their debut “Fall Into Love,” this time paying home to their hometown on top of lush harmonies, pounding tribal drums and tripping hi-hats.

6.) Fifth Harmony, “BO$$” (Original Post) (iTunes)

The girls ditch the bubblegum shtick and take a tip from Legendtina’s ‘Burlesque’ instead, supplying a snappy, horn-heavy self-empowerment ode to money-makers and boss types like Michelle Obama, Oprah and Kanye West. Independent Women Pt. III, basically.

7.) Paris Hilton, “Come Alive” (Original Post) (iTunes)

God bless Paris, truly: The legendary socialite-turned-entrepreneur has at long last returned with a follow-up to “Good Time” — a gorgeous, otherworldly trance-pop odyssey full of sugary-sweet declarations and space-age pulsations, bringing Cher and Benassi Bros. to mind. It’s hypnotic, it’s strange — she’s #KillingIt.

8.) Ariana Grande, “Break Free (feat. Zedd) (iTunes)

The Grande Machine is going strong post-“Problem,” with a collaborator-stuffed sophomore pop record ‘My Everything’ on the way next month. Ari’s first foray into dance, “Break Free” is an undeniable smash, and essentially the hit Carly Rae Jepsen never got to release from ‘Kiss.’ #JusticeForJepsen

9.) Zhu, “Faded (Amtrac Remix)” (iTunes)

Zhu’s “Faded” — a bleary-eyed, intoxicated dark throbber — is one of 2014’s most essential, under-the-radar “blogosphere approved” cuts. The newly released remix EP includes plenty of solid reinventions, including Amtrac’s very ’90’s House-leaning four-to-the-floor uptempo re-rub.

10.) Kiesza, “So Deep” (iTunes)

Yes, it’s all about “Hideaway,” but there’s more to skyrocketing dance siren Kiesza’s sound than just ’90’s House — like ’90’s R&B! “So Deep” is a lush, slinky ballad full of featherlight vocals and hazy, chilled-out synths. It’s a nice glass of red wine on a Friday evening — until the song gradually explodes into an uptempo garage jam at the end.

Introduucing…Laura Welsh!

Introduucing…Laura Welsh!

Somewhere in the middle of last month’s June MuuTunes, I included Gorgon

Nicole Scherzinger Milked A Goat Named Betty In The Name Of #YourLovePromo On ‘Capital Breakfast’

Nicole Scherzinger Milked A Goat Named Betty In The Name Of #YourLovePromo On ‘Capital Breakfast’

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